Premiere: Kevin Toro & Ruma – Understood (Maleza Recordings)

Kevin Toro & Ruma – Understood, taken from Various Artist compilation ‘En la Superficie Vol.3’, out July 2nd on Maleza Recordings.

About release Maleza:
We are really glad to being releasing our third Various Artist compilation ‘En la Superficie’. It is an album with many new additions to the crew. To start this journey off we have ‘Digital Acid’ made by our Peruvian friend Soul Bot. Seven minutes of smooth, bumping vibes inside this gem of a track to start lighting up the dance floor. Next we have two of the founders of the local crew Sustain, delivering a contemporary deep groove with a classical spirit.
Kevin Toro & Ruma are in the house with ‘Understood’. Once on the surface it is time for some funk! In connection with one of our favorites local labels (Ninefont) we now have Skelesys with his new project Not Until Sunday. If you are going on the train or on a plane, you must listen to ‘Da Funk’ and its guitar odyssey. The key moment of this V/A arrives at Chuck’s turn. Between a breakbeat and the repeated stabs, the disco is fused with the most timeless minimal that we can offer. To close this beautiful EP we have ‘Moogment’, an experimental tribute inspired early 2000’s video game soundtracks made by MYR (UK) & label boss DJ Braver. The artwork on the cover was made by Cuernolobo, our Spanish designer.

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