Alex Arnout – Phantom Power EP (feat. Voigtmann Remix)

Leftroom continue their rejuvenated, rich vein of subversive form with this dynamite 12” from a man who needs no introduction whatsoever: Alex Arnout.

Long time Leftroom kindred spirit and close friend and first time label artist, here we find the Dogmatik bossman in stone cold groove mode with three crystalline originals and a powerful remix from fellow London-based craftsman Voigtmann.

‘Phantom Power’ ignites the EP with pure signal energy. Unhurried in its gradually twinkling charm, what begins as a dark dubby sound soon flips into a timeless rising harmonic hook that’s unabashed in its strong themes of uplift and positivity. Watch as you floor turns to jelly when those chords sweep in. Then drop the Voigtmann remix and watch as every single limb loosens up to that distinctive, fluid dark late night London funk that the Toi Toi Musik founder has made his own.

‘Distorted Lens’ brings up the rear, leading the B-side with bubbly jacking charm. Molten in its groove, shape and flow, it’s peppered with vast emotional washes that sweep in and arrest the senses when you least expect it.

Last but not least, ‘Ssub Space’ closes the show with a crafty flip from bubbling to wriggling. Here we find Alex fixes our focus on the dirtier bottom end of the track. Shifty, switchy and just on the right side of tippy, if this isn’t moving your lower lumber, you need to reconnect with a dancefloor very very soon.

Release Date: 26th July 2019

A1. Phantom Power (Original Mix )
A2. Phantom Power (Voigtmann Remix)
B1. Distorted Lens (Original Mix)
B2. Ssub Space (Original Mix)