Hyperdub/Wolf Music artist Ossie offers up ‘Better Days / Change’, two cuts primed for the summer

Hyperdub and Wolf Music artist Ossie offers up his new release ‘Better Days / Change’ via the UK’s Sense Traxx this August, two soul-infused cuts from the London-based artist.

Ossie Aneke, better know as simply Ossie is a London based producer and DJ, initially making his mark via his debut on the revered Hyperdub imprint, followed by a second EP on the label a year later before going on to release material with the likes of Wolf Music, 2020 Midnight Visions, Exploited and Madhouse. Here though we see him joining the roster of Sense Traxx, a club brand come record label hailing from the UK which has released material from the likes of Nachtbraker, Todd Terry and Kevin Over amongst others.

Leading the package is ‘Better Days’, a cinematic six minute cut fuelled by emotive pads and organ melodies, robust off-kilter organic drums, stuttering vocal cuts and pulsing sub bass tones before ‘Change’ flips the switch and focuses on disco-tinged, filtered string samples, heavily swung dusty drums and steel drum like synth melodies to create yet another unique, sun-drenched and soulful cut from Ossie.

Ossie ‘Better Days / Change’
release date:August 23rd, 2019

1. Better Days
2. Change