Listen: Throwing Snow’s Nought To Gain from The Death of Pragmatism EP on Houndstooth

Off the back of his killer album release, LOMA, Throwing Snow returns to Houndstooth for a fiery, politically-charged EP; The Death of Pragmatism.

As tension continues to rise in the UK around the Brexit debate, Throwing Snow channels the aggression into a 4-track release – showcasing some of his most intense work to date. To be released on the 1st November, the day after Brexit is executed, the EP opens with a percussive-driven record ‘Nought To Gain’. The idea is built around Ross Tones (AKA Throwing Snow) looking into the dramatic system modifications at play that change landscapes as a whole and when ’the supposed benefits of that modification no longer apply as there is now a different structure in place – there is nought to gain and all to lose’.

Release date:1 November 2019
Track List

01. Nought To Gain
02. The Righteous Mind
03. Ideolog
04. The Death Of Pragmatism