UpAllNight feat Jinadu – Silent Praise with Kevin Yost and Anhauser remixes

Kicking off an important year for the label. Eyedyllic starts 2020 with the same laser focus that saw a string of well loved records in 2019.

Safely in the hands of the ridiculously talented UpAllNight (John Creamer and Noam Rubinstein), the Ibiza and NYC-based label’s 9th record sees the duo return with Silent Praise, a sometimes haunting piece that’s grounded by a cold beauty, especially in the vocal work by the red-hot Jinadu.

Backing them up we have remixes from 2 incredibly well picked remixers. Kevin Yost‘s reworking seems to pull a ton of warmth into the production, adding lovely piano riffs and raising the energy meters a bit. His remixes are more intimate, while losing none of the original beauty.

Anhauser also provides a version that is remarkably different, pushing further down the rolling progressive route and reworking the vocal to create a very different vibe, aimed toward bigger rooms.