Lee Reynolds, Memo Rex – So Called Outerspace EP on Superfreq

‘So Called Outer Space’ is peak time action at it’s finest. Lee & Memo give us a solid rhythm & thick Reese style bass with trippy sequences with dub delays that trip you out. Suggestive vocal samples make this an otherworldly number before transcendental sequences take this through the roof.

‘Secret Teachings’ is a funky trippy tune with solid beats, an infectious bass line, trippy arpeggios & wobbling oscillating synths, which act as a backing for wise words of wisdom about the journey into the world of the other, the secret domain of the ideas.

‘Moog Acid’ starts with a throbbing bass & funky rhythm exploding immediately into action. Delayed acid hits are soon joined by the complete line, which will cause mayhem on any dance floor. The throbbing bass pulses & swirling acid lines atop this solid groove make this a heads down having it jam.

‘You Got Me’ starts with an undeniable funk. Solid beats & yet another thick bass line carry this serious groove as slowly sustained tension undertones build into a techno top line that you only hope to hear on your favourite festival dance floor.

Release Date: January 31st 2020
Tracklisting :

1. So Called Outerspace
2. Secret Teachings
3. Moog Acid
4. You Got Me


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