AudioHell announces Music Is Everywhere LP on JBX

Italian titan AudioHell finally presents with his stunning new album “Music Is Everywhere,” which is the long awaited first album on the brand new JBX label and one that covers plenty of musical ground in real style.

AudioHell is an icon of the underground having shaped the scene in many different ways: he has not only played everywhere from Space Ibiza (where he was resident) to Tresor Berlin, but he also hosted more than 300 of his own parties around Europe and released on legendary labels like Get Physical, Suara, 8Bit, Circus and many more. He is a frequent Beatport Chart topper who has a revolutionary new live show coming, as well as this much anticipated new album.

AudioHell composed this great musical work in about a year and a half, and the result is an incredible mix of different musical genres with electronics. The album includes eleven songs that blend techno with jazz, opera, flamenco, rock, trip hop and chill out. “Music Is Everywhere”, the first song and the title on the album, is inspired by the great Pink Floyd masterpiece “The great gig in the sky”: ethereal environments, guitar solos, a grand piano are the background of a song lyric that breaks into the pause. “Omnium” evokes the classical venetian music mixing rondò and archi over a fat bassline.

“I’m leaving”, the single POP of the album, combines electronics with the warm voice of the famous flamenco singer Azahar Loper: a fusion of passion, eclecticism and different musical cultures. “Whisper” is definitely the deep house of the album : moog, whispered voices and beautiful ambient pads on the background, as “Untouchable” is the tech house track dedicated to the dance floors. On “Poesia” AudioHell and Rawbach fusing chill out, classical music on a disco baseline 80’s style : massive! Obviously in this collection there are also the super supported singles “Come On The Stars” and “Into Space feat. Shyam P” used to launch the album on the last months.

This is an adventurous and bold new album that makes a fantastic new chapter for AudioHell as well as the existing new JBX label.

Release Date: 31st January 2020

1) Music Is Everywhere
2) Omnium
3) I’m Leaving feat. Az
4) Whisper
5) Come On The Stars
6) Into Space feat. Shyam P
7) Untouchable
8) Poesia feat. Rawbach
9) Heart to Heart
10) Fine Tuning
11) Dispersion