John Tejada – Moving 909s incl. Plaid Remix

Palette 71 kicks off with legendary Warp artist Plaid on remix duties. Transforming the title track, re-synthesized 909 samples and lua scripted sequencing, Plaid builds melodies and arrangement to epic proportions in classic Plaid fashion. Tejada’s new EP is an homage of sorts to the sample heavy production style of the late ’90s. “Limiting the options and just creating and manipulating a batch of samples is my happy place,” says Tejada.

The title track hints back to a personal favorite, Optical’s “Moving 808s.” While the sound is quite different, the approach is similar: samples, editing, some filters and not a whole lot more opens up a lot of creative possibilities without too much getting in the way. Of course, the bass plays an important role. Combing through some older influences of varying styles, the production became more in line with Tejada classics like “Timebomb” and “Western Starland,” both sample collage pieces focused on groove. The final track, “Infinity Room” also follows this production process while resulting in a slightly moodier sound.

r.d.: 17 April 2020

1. Moving 909s (Plaid Remix)
2. Moving 909s (Original Mix)
3. Infinity Room