Posthuman’s I Love Acid imprint release previously vinyl-only catalogue digitally

The vinyl-only imprint has reversed its decision to limit output to physical releases as well as forgo its share of digital income in order to aid its artists during the current crisis.

I’ve always stood by the choice of vinyl-only releases in the face of being called elitist and now I’m going to be called a hypocrite by some who feel it devalues their vinyl purchases but some of the artists I’m working with have lost most of their income so, fuck it, this needs to happen and we’ll return to vinyl-only in future’ says label founder and Posthuman member, Josh Doherty.

The label’s catalogue, bar a handful of releases, is now available via the label’s Bandcamp Page with all funds going directly to the artists involved.

ILA001 – Room 13 (aka DMX Krew & Bass Junkie)
ILA002 – Affie Yusuf
ILA003 – Luke Vibert
ILA004 – Jerome Hill
ILA005 – Posthuman
ILA006 – Global Goon
ILA009 – Cardopusher
ILA011 – Ben Pest
ILA012 – Luke Vibert
ILA013 – Posthuman
ILA015 – Snuff Crew
ILA018 – Nehuen
ILA020 – Luke Vibert – Valvable