Premiere: Thrown – We Like To Make Our Own Waves(Krmelec Recordings)

We Like To Make Our Own Waves, from S/T EP by Thrown out now on Krmelec Recordings
What a strange but nice city Liberec is – the scenery is of pointlessly jumbled architecture, rows of opulent historical villas, evidence of a region which in the interwar period was referred to as the Sudetenland, surrounded by mediterranean forests, and above messy streets and the prominent buildings of the Castle or the Town Hall, in the distance, Ještěd Tower like a giant sting somewhere on the Mountains ..

From that background comes that seemingly youngster Thrown with his everlasting playful melancholia, leaving your head dreaming high and your feet tempt to move at the same time. Dizzy brain-dance through infatuation on tinkling, warm melodies and softened “wooden” beats. While the remixers give these atmospheric listenings either a party touch (Tekstrue), energetic grimey rip (Ghettopyr), detailed darkened dancing (Euclio) or heavy and precise techy-IDM point of view (Misology), it always ends both unclassifiable by imaginary genres, but “in style”, bewilder the visitors like the city it originally came from…

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