Ne.Hau – Coward Within EP on Superfreq

Superfreq returns with another monster 3 track EP that further proves their credibility on the scene, and comes from the talented hands of Ne.Hau.

Coward within kicks off with the title track, which is a banger. Solid beats, swirling sound effects, suggestive vocal samples, synth stabs, an ascending synth melody & a deep thick bass make this an instant dance floor winner. Haunting, mysterious & infectious all in one slice of tech goodness.

Next up is Beautiful World. Solid House beats carry a chugging thick bassline as dark sustained pads creep in to capture your very essence. Once caught the child vocal samples together with more sustained synths & trippy analogue splashes draw you in further. A stunning piece of the deepest yet edgiest House Music.

Wrapping this amazing EP up is You. A seriously groovy House rhythm with the thickest dub bass carry a Dub House number with Ska overtones. The trippy synth stabs, pad hits, dub effects & vocal samples make way for a bass guitar moment that tickles your very soul rounding off these extremely versatile EP, which highlights the open mindedness of Ne.Hau.

Release Date: 19th June 2020

1) Coward Within
2) Beautiful World
3) You