BeatLove announce “Avian Heart” EP + shares music video for Titel Track

Benjamín Jiménez and Myriam Fernández form BeatLove. A band with different influences of the avant-garde music. Their music, in constant movement, is influenced by independent electronic music and charged with love and rhythm. They evolve and at the same time try to obtain an innovative and quality musical aesthetic. A game of enveloping voices and solid beats that arise from a home surrounded by wires and electronic devices.

Very soon BeatLove is releasing “Avian Heart”, a 6 track EP in 12” format. They are back with more warmth and naturalness than before. Electronic pop-music full of textures from their own harvest and ancestral percussions (mostly African).

Their “Avian Heart” EP is out on 26th June via Beautiful Accident.

A1. Avian Heart
A2. Ahead
A3. Hourglass
B1. Human Concept
B2. Shield
B3. Turn the Knob