Listen: Hudson Mohawke is back with B.B.H.E.

Hudson Mohawke dropped the Heart of the Night EP last week via Bandcamp – a collection of sought after vocal edits finally coming to light.

B.B.H.E. continues with that same energy, more fan favorites and unearthed gems. This time, the music is out on Warp Records. Artwork and design by Cali Thornhill DeWitt.

Read an excerpt below from the Hudson MoHawke bio for more context:


“With 2020’s pandemic quarantine compelling everyone to rethink so much about their lives and choices, Mohawke questioned why he’d been hoarding this stuff to begin with. No doubt those formative years of white labels and DJ exclusivity fed into this protective mindset, yet such vigilance eroded while sequestered at home in L.A. “There’s enough distance between this music now,” he says of these songs which date as far back as the mid-2000s. “At some point you have to set it free.”