Premiere: Alan Prosser – I’m Back (DJ Samer Remix) [Pangea Recordings]

I’m Back (DJ Samer Remix) by Alan Prosser taken from I’m Back EP, out 24 October on Pangea Recordings
Prosser’s music had a home at Pangea. In a music career that has spanned 20 years, Alan Prosser has earned quite a name for himself in the progressive house scene with music and remixes that are featured on iconic labels such as ‘The Ministry of Sound’, ‘Fantazia’ & ‘Global Underground’. Alan’s sound right now can be best described as a tech/progressive housed fusion with a sound in between uplifting percussion and deep dark bass line grooves. The truth is that Alan’s sound has been influenced highly from the magic that takes place in Ibiza each Summer, and although Alan always keeps the tougher edge in his productions, he is always trying to push and expand his musical boundaries.

Track Listing:
1. Alan Prosser – I’m Back (Main Mix)
2. Alan Prosser – I’m Back(Micah’s Hi Back, I’m Dad! Remix)
3. Alan Prosser – I’m Back (Kiz Pattison Remix)
4. Alan Prosser – I’m Back (DJ Samer Remix)
5. Alan Prosser – I’m Back (Ranj Kaler Remix)
6. Alan Prosser – I’m Back (Dub Mix)

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