Premiere: Invictus Hi-Fi – The Alpha (arkLIVE)

The Alpha from The Market Deities LP out 10 May on arkLIVE
Oscillating between the dark & complex and the organic & textured – as well as narrated by warped and fragmented voices from the past, this debut album by UK electronica artist Invictus Hi-Fi explores the left of field question:

‘If the financial market had gods, what would they sound like?’

This question led the artist on a journey of research and discovery, drawing from sources as diverse as 1970’s technologists, ancient scholars, financial traders and documentary filmmakers – as well as sonic inspiration from the works of Neu!, Steve Reich, Eno, DJ Shadow, Jon Hassell and James Holden.

Recorded using Invictus Hi-Fi’s unique ‘Studio as Modular’ method of production ‘The Market Deities’ takes electronic music to places it has never been before.

Track Listing:
1. The Alpha
2. Calculation Oracles
3. Confidence, The Bull
4. Court of Mammon
5. Cra$hing & Cra$hing
6. Fates and Futures

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