Premiere: DAMIE – Golden Rule (Ameniia Records)

Golden Rule by DAMIE, taken from Various Artists ‘FAUST 002’, out February 7th, 2022 on Ameniia Records

FAUST is a breakthrough club that has been such a huge influence beyond the Asia techno scene. To celebrate its 7th anniversary, we gathered its resident artists for a special compilation presenting 9 new and exclusive tracks, showcasing the past and current music spectrum of Faust.

Various Artists ‘FAUST 002’

01. Marcus L – Like This
02. Kim Bo Yeon – Black Cow
03. Suman – Whale Journey
04. DAMIE – Golden Rule
05. Joon Kwak – What Did You Say?
06. Sisyphus – Blame!
07. Short Finger – Digital Moan
08. UNREALNUMBERS – Seoul Decadence
09. Stann Lumo – Behemoth

Listen to DAMIE’s Golden Rule on the latest Techno Trip episode here

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