Video Premiere: Awkward Moments ‘Gamma Rave’ +‘A Strange Time EP’(Stream)

Following their 2020 EP, ‘An Entropic Remix’, Conceptual AV duo Awkward Moments return with a new three-song EP called ‘A Strange Time’.

Produced in lockdown, the release offers an extraterrestrial perspective on the strange times we’ve been living in for the last year and a half.

“This certainly is a strange time. Who better to show us the folly of our ways than two inquisitive alien travellers reporting on mankind’s madness, whilst still raving to outer space disco. Only through the visitors’ surrealist lens can we question the absurd behaviour that humanity has somehow normalised,” Awkward Moments explain.

The EP opens with ‘Kinetic Growth’ – a warm techno track that invites the alien travellers to fall in love with all the wonders of planet Earth. Organic piano melodies intertwine with ethereal synths in a symbiotic sonic dance. If only technology could foster this kind of coexistence with the natural world.

Up next, ’ Reaching For The Sky’ unravels into mayhem to reflect our doomed fate if we continue to ignore the Earth’s warning signs. Mother nature’s plea – “You watch me fall, I watch you fly, I don’t get why you let it die” – urges mankind to look beyond our narrow, self-focused ways. Will we listen?

‘Gamma Rave’ closes the EP with a laser beam. The aliens are taking off, returning to where they came from full of sadness, hope, and a severe hangover.

Video is Directed by Norbert Schoerner
Animation by sweetnothing & NAMAIKI
Edited by Lucas Bullens

Awkward Moments, a London-based duo comprising of Mimi Xu – producer and electronic composer, and MAGUIRE – multi-instrumentalist and lead vocalist releases ‘Kinetic Growth’ and ‘Reaching For The Sky’ as singles throughout the winter, leading up to the release of ‘Gamma Rave’ as the lead single along with the entire EP is released on March 31. Each release will be celebrated with a special Strange Night event – a cultural platform for good vibes – powered by Awkward Moments themselves.

Stream or Download ‘A Strange Time’EP here

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