Futuristic 03 (Future Sounds)

The latest episode of Futuristic 03 (Future Sounds), Curated by Doogie is available now via Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Spotify.

This episode features new creative and innovative music from:
Surusinghe, King Moot, Jamie xx, Mimosa, Jon Gravy, Rome in Reverse, Lyric, Kayrem, Sleight of Hands, Liza Aikin & Monolog, Nico, Qualia, Paul Ritch, Scatterbrain and HumaNature, Snug, Alpha Rhythm, Natus and HumaNature, Stelios Vassiloudis, Leese, Henry Greenleaf, Kai Van Dongen, Baby Blue, Rob Lewis, Joel Eel, Out Of Fuel & Fuj

King Moot – Croquenbouche [Context Audio]
Jamie xx – LET’S DO IT AGAIN [Young]
Mimosa – Undercover ft. Kayla Rae [Muti Music]
Jon Gravy – Keep Waitin [Gravy Trax]

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Rome in Reverse – Confidence ( Haring remix) [Telavivi Records]
Lawrence Hart – Above All Else [SSEM Records]
Lyric – Let Me Tell You (Kayrem Remix) [M-Plant]
Surusinghe – BAD GIRLS [Steel City Dance Discs]
Sleight of Hands – Hey Hey [green gorilla lounge]
Liza Aikin & Monolog – Siam [Evar Records]
Nico – Slip [Akita Club]
Qualia – Qualia [U-Trax]
Paul Ritch – Kalimba [Quartz Rec]
Scatterbrain and HumaNature – Second Thoughts (Scatterbrain VIP) [Influenza Media]
Snug – Grinder [Ambra Recordings]
Alpha Rhythm, Natus and HumaNature – The Lost River [Fokuz Recordings]
Stelios Vassiloudis – Back To [Apparel Tronic]
Leese – Donker Dag Part 1 [YUKU]
Henry Greenleaf – Group Translate [Redstone Press]
Kai Van Dongen – Chiptune Time Traveller [Outerworld]
Out Of Fuel & Fuj – Altair [Translation Recordings]
Wayment – Carrier

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Rob Lewis – Future [Beaufort Beats]
Baby Blue – Rainy Trip To Netherworld Sequence [Planet Euphorique]
Joel Eel – Fragrance Unity [Perpetual Care]

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Cover: Michael Dziedzic

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