Stenny, Jabes, Tammo Hesselink on new Avernian’s label Lurch

US Born, Manchester -based Avernian inaugurates his newest club-night turned-label venture, with the help of Stenny (Ilian Tape), Tammo Hesselink (Delsin) and Jabes (Timedance).

The first four-track compilation comes to form with opening piece ‘Kembow’ by Ilian Tape mainstay, Stenny; a pacy bass-ridden roller, executed to devastating effect with razor-sharp synths that stab down into the midrange of the speakers like daggers, sitting atop dread-ridden sub frequencies.

Label-founder Avernian follows suit, already being widely recognised for rowdy releases on imprints such as More Time, Fever AM and Scuffed Recordings. ‘Power Stance’ continues the 12″ with elephant trunk synthesis, and a galloping, low-mid frequency rumble that is second to none.

Jabes (Timedance/Klunk) delivers ‘Rite’; a deeply tense excursion with harrowing sound-design and analogue delays that dance around a playful stereo field, mixed down to extreme, scientific hyper-precision.

Closing out the record is Tammo Hesselink (Delsin/Nous’klaer Audio) supplying ‘Water Plus’ with a neck-snapping groove of warm and distorted, polyrhythmic claps that have been self-recorded among a frenzy of foley lines that spiral into fun and friendly dancefloor adrenaline, bringing the compilation to a clean close and leaving the listener pining for the label’s follow-up.

1. Stenny – Kembow
2. Avernian – Power Stance
3. Jabes – Rite
4. Tammo Hesselink – Water Plus