fabric presents Nicola Cruz – first mix with a strong focus on South and Latin American artists

‘fabric presents Nicola Cruz’ is the first mix in the series with a strong focus on South and Latin American artists.

Born in France but raised in Ecuador, Nicola Cruz has found his own unique way to tap into the continent’s illustrious musical past to create something utterly contemporary.

On ‘fabric presents Nicola Cruz‘, the artist drives fiercely towards the strange, experimental, and unexpected of underground electronica. Untied from past works, the mix features a contemporary influence of sound spawning from South America.

“I feel I’ve reconnected with electronic dance music and that’s what this mix is about in a way; being able to understand again, and to compose and play with this energy that I had forgotten. The same goes with my live show at the moment, the concept is basically enjoying the driving nature of electronic music.”

Opening on the powerfully stabbing ‘Everything Falls Into Place’ from MMM (Errorsmith & Fiedel) the mix sweeps through bass, breaks, techno, analogue-glitch, all the way to the folky Portuguese lyrics of ‘Mensagem Enviada’ from Rico Jorge. Nick León, Verraco, Varuna and machìna are a few of the artists who have provided exclusives that count towards the fourteen unheard tracks on an essential delivery to the fabric series. Rio de Janeiro’s Marcela Días Sindaco who also delivered ‘Ficção Inédita’ for the mix, provided sultry vocals for Cruz’ own ‘Contato’. The track, out today, is typical of Cruz’ work in how he fuses experimental production techniques with natural world signifiers. It’s a pioneering collaboration between the producer and the classically-trained Sindaco. Cruz’ Fauna Extincta alias also graces the mix through the futuristic ‘IER’, only the second song to be released under that moniker.

The release of Cruz’ fabric presents mix is timed with his third appearance at the club on Friday 18th November.

He’ll perform alongside Ela Minus, Jane Fitz, Enrica Falqui, Kiara Scuro and more.

The CD and streaming services play the continuous mix. Download stores supply a bundle of full length tracks and the continuous mix, while the double vinyl format features twelve full length tracks from the mix including Nicola Cruz’ own ‘ Contato’ and ten more exclusive tunes.

mix tracklist:
1 MMM (Errorsmith & Fiedel) – Everything Falls Into Place
2 Saphileaum – Antique Bronze Vase
3 Syz – Unearth
4 CNDSD – Available Slot*
5 Nicolá Cruz – Contato feat. Marcela Días*
6 Konduku – Antippen
7 Spike – Are These The Future
8 Radial – Vandal
9 Lovable Rogues – Twilight Manouvres
10 B-Flow – Flashbulb
11 Nick León – Multiplex*
12 Jonny From Space – Mambo n.305
13 Marcela Días Sindaco – Ficção Inédita*
14 Nicolá Cruz – Polimetría*
15 The Electric Company – Electronique (Zach’s Soniq Toniq)
16 Klahrk – NuNegative
17 Rapid Antics – Constant Seizure
18 Baseck & Pilo – FEEL307*
19 Varuna – Reer*
20 machìna – Glued*
21 Nicolá Cruz – System Mass*
22 Fauna Extinta – IER*
23 Anderson – Sea Glass*
24 Rico Jorge – Mensagem Enviada*
25 Verraco – Interpasividad*
26 Marco Shuttle – Polylayaring What I’ve Got*

*exclusive tracks

vinyl tracklist:

A1 Nicola Cruz – Contato feat. Marcela Días
A2 Syz – Unearth
A3 Nick León – Multiplex
B1 Rico Jorge – Mensagem Enviada
B2 Baseck & Pilo – FEEL307
B3 Nicola Cruz – System Mass
C1 Fauna Extinta – IER
C2 Verraco – Interpasividad
C3 Anderson – Sea Glass
D1 machìna – Glued
D2 Marcela Días Sindaco – Ficção Inédita
D3 Varuna – Reer

When is fabric presents Nicola Cruz released?

fabric presents Nicola Cruz will be released on 18 November 2022 and is available to pre-order here

Listen to ‘Contato’ featuring Marcela Días Sindaco on Deep ConnectFM Playlist

Photo Credit: Jimmy Mould