ASA 808 directs focus towards freeing ourselves from the restraints of patriarchy in new EP

First written without a comma, Boy, crush was meant as a hommage for a very special boy in the non-binary artist’s life. The comma in between the two words varies the meaning: it is now also meant as an invitation for all men to collectively crush manhood (and all its toxic traits).

Even today, club and DJ culture are still dominated by testosterone-overdosed masculinity. ASA 808’s new single Boy, crush aims to challenge this. To finally free ourselves from the restraints of patriarchy, we need to start looking deeper within ourselves and change from within. By freeing ourselves we also help others to be free.

En ég stend alltaf upp is a line from Sigur Rós’ famous song Hoppipolla and means „but I always stand up (again)“. ASA 808 wrote it for a friend who suffered from serious depression. ‘It is an encouragement to always get back up on one’s feet, to never lose hope.”

ASA 808 Boy, crush EP
date 23rd September

1. Boy, crush
2. En ég stend alltaf upp
3. Boy, crush (Extended Mix)

Asa started making music at the age of six,

first learning classical piano and guitar (despite being seen unfit by some peers due to a heredofamilial essential tremor), later specialising in music theory and composition, jazz and improvisation. As a teenager, the non-binary artist released a 5 track EP with their first solo project Hasta la otra méxico!, of which especially ‘Túrána hott kurdís’ attracted a lot of attention, hitting almost 1 million views on vimeo & youtube.

Driven by their love for electronic music, Asa started producing and DJing as ASA 808, releasing on George FitzGerald’s ManMakeMusic, Soundspace, Blank, Yarn Audio and their own TOYS imprint and playing in venues such as ://about Blank, Tresor, Ritter Butzke, Le Java (Paris), Lehmann (Stuttgart), B90 (Gdansk), Corvin Club (Budapest), Menagerie (Belfast), Gewölbe (Cologne), Karlstorbahnhof (Heidelberg), Bahnwärter Thiel (Munich) & Baalsaal (Hamburg). Pushing the boundaries of techno, house and bass elements, ASA 808 combines classical instruments with analogue synths and drum machines.

Featuring DJs such as Ada, Avalon Emerson, Breach, Christian Löffler, Dark Sky, Dauwd, Ejeca, Elkka, Frits Wentink, Glenn Astro, Huxley, Lando, Locked Groove, Lxury, Mike Dehnert, Moomin, Redshape, The Golden Filter, Throwing Snow, Tom Demac, Trikk, Will Saul, xxxy & Youandewan, ASA 808’s queer TOYS parties in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg and Düsseldorf have become a must go for all lovers of forward-thinking electronic music in Germany.

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Photos credit: Marco Lehmbeck