Premiere: Sella Hess – Légèreté

Légèreté is taken from Sella Hess ‘s “Unreleased Tracks” EP

French producer Sella Hess gets back on the track to provide you 5 new unreleased tracks, in which you can find a summary of his whole music universe.

On the first two positions you will find ” Life is a rhythm” and “Do It”, two Hard-Techno jams combining fast grooves and powerful synths.

The other two tracks, “Falling Leaves” and “Légèreté” have a more deep-minded Techno sound, they keep a fast tempo, but this time the listening is slower, with a more reflexive feeling given by big and introverted synths.

To conclude, the last track is a bonus track: a fast Trancy-Techno jam titled “The Tranceporter”!

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