Kincaid land on Redstone Press with an expansive four-tracker

The first release of the year sees Kincaid land on Redstone Press with an expansive four-tracker. Having recently relocated to Berlin, Joe’s first work since moving sets out his direction musically as well as geographically.

“Don’t Get No Sun” kicks off proceedings with an anxious energy that bubbles away under the surface throughout. Haunting ambience, warped vocals and staggering textures finally give way to heavy 4/4 pressure.

“On Hands” dispenses with nuance in favour of scalpel-like percussion and UK-inflected vocal snapshots, creating a fast-paced cut with just enough head-frying synth lines to keep you dizzy.

“Gutter” takes a calmer, more measured approach but with the same focus, incisive drum work and vocal chopping but aimed at those loose moments at the start and end of the night.

“Getting More Sun” closes out the EP with more intimacy and space. Ethereal synths replace vocals and club energy in this more tranquil number. Perfect for that post-club wind-down.

Kincaid – Don’t Get No Sun EP

Release Date: May 5th 2023


1. Kincaid – Don’t Get No Sun
2. Kincaid – On Hands
3. Kincaid – Gutter
4. Kincaid – Getting More Sun

Redstone Press are celebrating the EP launch at Fitzroy in Berlin on April 30th w/ Kincaid, FYI Robyn, Bake, Impurity & Lewis Lowe.

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