Pangaea returns to his own Hessle Audio imprint with ‘Installation’

Pangaea returns to his own Hessle Audio imprint with ‘Installation’ – cut-up vocals collide with an instantly memorable, pop inflected, queasily fidgeting bassline hook. Dancefloor carnage with a techno-pop sensibility.

Pangaea – Installation [ Hessle Audio ]


01. Installation
02. Installation (edit)

Pangaea – Bio

Pangaea, AKA Kevin McAuley, has been at the cutting-edge of electronic music as a producer and DJ for a decade and a half. He’s maintained a magnetic output that derives its energies from a synthesis of the familiar and the futuristic, with Installation only the latest example.

Expansive references from his long-time engagement with disparate UK dance music cultures intersect with relentless rhythmic exploration and an appetite for the experimental, with an undeniable dancefloor impact and upfront immediacy. In his DJ sets – and in the productions they inspire – genres combust, collide, and cohere, creating entirely new innovations in their wake. 2023 will be 16 years since Pangaea ‘s first release for Hessle Audio, the boundary-pushing label he co-founded with Pearson Sound and Ben UFO, and Installation represents some of his most intentional, club-ready work, a jolting reminder that functional doesn’t mean complacent.

Overall, the exploration and innovation of Pangaea’s music is steeped in UK dance music history while offering an explosive mutation all his own. A strange and banging energy comes from his finding space between sounds and scenes, and these uncharted paths continue to hold new discoveries many years on.

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Photo credit: Brian Whar

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