Futuristic 18 (Future Sounds)

The latest episode of Futuristic 18(Future Sounds by Doogie ) is available now to stream via Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and Spotify.

This episode features new Tracks and Remixes from:

Ago Gazo, Scuba, Theiz, Max Cooper, Giulia Tess, The MFA, edapollo, Lawrence Hart, Jordan Stanley, Crooked Finger, Doline, Höhn, Parts Project, Melati ESP, Genevieve Artadi, Kudeki, Detroit’s Filthiest, Rodman, Fka Lil Tantrum, Gora & Eloy, Chloé Robinson & DJ ADHD, One A aka Gehno Aviance, Niven, Pascal Nuzzo, Nørus, Spacey Gray, Reid Willis, Hint, STECHER, Neil MacLeod, Amamelia, Glo My, Leon XIV, Harmony, Echomatics, Subjects, Twelve Step Audio, SSSLIP & Joe Koshin

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Ago Gazo – Zagan [Abstrack Records]
Crooked Finger – EightyEight [Natural Frequency Records]
Scuba – In Yr Dreams [Hotflush Recordings]
Theiz – Sam’s Song [EPM Music]
Doline – Mill The Pink Link [Grid]
Höhn – Scarp [STNS]
Parts Project – Blossumer [Juncture Music]

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Jordan Stanley – A Situation To Navigate [BYTES]
Melati ESP – BAHASA BARU [Carpark Records]
Max Cooper – Spectrum (Giulia Tess Remix) [Mesh]
The MFA – Lammas Day [Traum Schallplatten]
edapollo – Only You [Foreign Family Collective]

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Lawrence Hart – First Light [Attack Decay Sweet Release]
Genevieve Artadi – Plate [Brainfeeder]
Kudeki – Spiral [As You Like It Recordings]
Detroit’s Filthiest – Catch These Hands [MCEC]

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Rodman – Fuego Nuevo (Fka Lil Tantrum Remix) [Discos Sentimiento]
Gora & Eloy – Power Succession
Chloé Robinson & DJ ADHD – Nothingness [HE.SHE.THEY.]
One A aka Gehno Aviance – Let It Go [As You Like It Recordings]
Niven – Snow (Veliko Tarnova) [Blank Dust]
Pascal Nuzzo – Hold On [R&S Records]
Nørus – Mirror Fields[Nørus]
Spacey Gray – Will Powah [Spacey Gray]

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Reid Willis – Cast Your Net Over A Torn Earth [Mesh]
Hint – Crash and Burn feat. Natalie Storm (Hint Warehouse Mix) [Tru Thoughts]
SSSLIP & Joe Koshin – Wet Speed [SSS]
STECHER ft. Avex – Stigma [Care Of Editions]
Neil MacLeod – Taller Than Trees (Amamelia Remix)[Particle Recordings]
Glo My – T.O.C. (Leon XIV VIP Mix) [Fairmount Foxes]

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Harmony – Ikigai [Deep Jungle]
Echomatics – Crows Eyes [Celsius Recordings]
Subjects – We Run It [Deep Jungle]
Twelve Step Audio – How You Move [Influenza Media]

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Cover: Michael Dziedzic