Mark Broom returns to Beard Man with ‘Hardgroove 4 Life EP’ inc. Ben Sims Remix

After a lengthy hiatus, Mark Broom returns to Beard Man and brings some Hardgroove flavas along for the ride. ‘Hardgroove 4 Life EP’ features 3 original tracks, with long time buddy Ben Sims providing a remix, alongside London’s up and coming wonder kid DJ Love.

Mark Broom ‘Hardgroove 4 Life EP’
Released: 14 July 2023
Track Listing:

1. Hardgroove 4 Life (Original Mix)
2. Hardgroove 4 Life (Ben Sims Remix)
3. You Got Me (Original Mix)
4. You Got Me (DJ Love Mix)
5. Love Train

Listen to Mark Broom’s Voice (Avision Remix)

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