Mindchatter releases new single ‘Day Dreams’ , and announces new EP ‘Spiritual Puberty’


Recently signed to Foreign Family Collective, the label imprint run by electronic luminaries ODESZA, Mindchatter is the acclaimed artist project of singer, songwriter, and producer Bryce Connolly. His latest single ‘Day Dreams’ heralds the upcoming release of ‘Spiritual Puberty’ an ambitious 6 song EP that traces Connolly’s quarter-life coming-of-age journey towards personal fulfillment in a chaotic world of sensory overload.

Having gained recognition for his genre-defying sound and unique approach to music by fusing introspective and thought-provoking lyrics with infectious, danceable beats, Mindchatter has toured with Polo & Pan, sold out headlining gigs at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere and LA’s El Rey Theater, and earned airplay from BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong.

As immaculately produced as it is catchy, Connolly describes ‘Day Dreams’ as “sounding a lot different than most of my music, and that’s probably because it came together by accident. As I was mixing the instrumental of another song on the EP,  I added the “Day Dreams” topline and it worked perfectly. Suddenly I had two totally different songs using the same beat and very little time to decide which to release. Luckily I was playing Lightning In A Bottle later that week and I decided to put the new version in my set to test out. It was surreal to play a song I made 48 hours ago in front of thousands of people, but it made for a special moment in the set. When the chorus hit that first time, I knew it was the one.”

On the full EP, a first for Mindchatter, Connolly states, “simply put, Spiritual Puberty is about growing up. I guess becoming an adult is realizing you are NOT gonna hook up with every person, read every book, try every food, master every instrument, learn every language, live in Europe, call everyone you need to call back, right everyone you wronged or even overcome (like truly overcome) a single one of your fears. It’s about respecting time and taking your place in it.”

“We’ve been big fans of Mindchatter over the past couple of years and are excited to have him join Foreign Family. He does an incredible job of blending his impressive vocal work and meticulous production in his new music. We are looking forward to seeing what this next chapter holds for the Mindchatter project.” –ODESZA

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Photo Credit: Simon Abranowicz

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