Dinky to release ‘Hold Me Tight’ EP inc. dOP Remix on Rhythm Cult

Rhythm Cult‘s unstoppable momentum continues after achieving consecutive number-one positions across online and physical platforms. RCM019, their most recent release, welcomes the incredibly gifted Chilean producer Dinky into the fold. Dinky’s hypnotic blend of deep house, strong techno, and precise minimalism has earned her a residency at the famed Panorama Bar, in Berlin confirming her position as a unique voice in the electronic industry.

The EP kicks off with the soulful and uplifting ‘Come Hold Me Tight,’ a futuristic house anthem that effortlessly fuses tribal rhythms with intricate stuttering synth patterns. Dinky provides the unmistakable and irresistible vocal hook that suggests this will be a summer anthem in the making. ‘She’s Got Nowhere To Go’ follows, riding on an insistent one-note bass line and yet more addictive vocal snips, complemented by disco stabs that complete the party vibe. Dinky’s skilful use of stuttering glitches and inventive sample manipulation showcases her love for minimal detail and angular funk.

Finally, dOP turn in not one but two remixes of their unique and unconventional take on house and techno. First, their reinterpretation of ‘Come Hold Me Tight’ takes us on a journey to the deeper realms of house, riding on a low-slung acidic bass groove while enveloping the listener in waves of lush synths, perfect material for warming up dancefloors or setting the mood for the early hours. Then they wrap ‘She’s Got Nowhere To Go’ around an elastic bass and dosed it with warped synth lines to create an irresistibly explosive dancefloor weapon.

Dinky ‘Hold Me Tight’ EP
release date: October 3rd, 2023

Come Hold Me Tight
Come Hold Me Tight (dOP Remix)
She´s Got Nowhere To Go
She’s Got Nowhere To Go (dOP Remix)

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