Legendary label announces Global Underground: Unique – 12 exclusive tracks: Tinlicker, Giorgia Angiuli, Magit Cacoon, AFFKT, & more

Legendary label Global Underground have been releasing some of the finest electronic music for the last 27 years, constantly shaping and redefining the genre. Staying true to their innovative ideals, they have announced Global Underground: Unique. Twelve internationally renowned producers have created entirely unique exclusive tracks, released on vinyl and digital on November 24th. This is bound to be an essential in every DJ’s record box.

Each individual track will be released as a stand-alone digital single, beautifully selected, and perfectly curated for vinyl. You won’t want to take the needle off the groove until the last beat on side one…then you’ll immediately rush to the decks and flip over to side two!


The first single from this fantasy league of producers, are Dutch super duo Tinlicker, with their anthemic track ‘Starchaser’, available on streaming services from 25th August. ‘Starchaser’ brings you a blend of incessant percussion, hypnotic melodies, and dystopian ambience, combining to create an astonishing melodic-house track that will captivate your soul and enchant your feet. On the dancefloor at the end of the universe, ‘Starchaser’ will be the last tune as the crowd goes wild.

Global Underground: Unique flows perfectly through a multitude of dance subgenres, bringing you the best from every colour of the Electronic rainbow. From acclaimed Italian instrumentalist Giorgia Angiuli, to rising French star Emanuel Satie, through to the incredible Israeli DJ/Producer Magit Cacoon, to the mega talented Fur Coat & Final Request and right across the musical spectrum, including AFFKT, Gai Barone, Florian Kruse, all the way to EdOne, James Harcourt and Kamilo Sanclemente. Global Underground: Unique has a bigger all-star cast than a Wes Anderson film.

Sasha Carassi

Global Underground’s founder Andy Horsfield explains: “I’m incredibly excited to be launching a brand-new vinyl album series, based on bespoke exclusive repertoire from artists who we consider are the most exciting producers in electronic music today, welcome Global Underground: Unique

 Based on Global Underground’s impeccable track record, expect this LP to be the start of something monumental that will shape the future of your record collection for years, and possibly even decades to come. Excited? We certainly are.

Pre-order Tinlicker ’Starchaser’ Here

Global Underground: Unique
Track List

Side A

Tinlicker – Starchaser – 06:14
Giorgia Angiuli – Thank You So Much – 06:08
Sasha Carassi – The Seekers feat. Mz Sunday Luv – 06:01

Side B

Fur Coat & Final Request – Unmasked – 05:54
Emanuel Satie – Coloring Book – 07:01
EdOne – Don´t You Know – 06:33

Side C

Magit Cacoon – Rhythm One – 05:15
Florian Kruse – Can I Get The Light feat. MOUI – 06:49
James Harcourt – Cyclone – 07:03

Side D

AFFKT – Coral – 05:43
Kamilo Sanclemente – Post Human – 07:07
Gai Barone – Like A Cat – 06:34

Pre-order Global Underground: Unique Here

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