Listen to Mild Minds x edapollo new collaboration ‘Everything’ on Foreign Family Collective

After touring the US & Australia together earlier this year, Mild Minds & edapollo spent time in the studio together, resulting in their stunning new collaboration ‘Everything’.

The single has foundations in edapollo’s track, “You’re Everything,” with Mild Mind’s inspiring a new vision for it, adding his signature falsetto vocals and a more club focused, beat driven arrangement resulting in a unique collaboration track between the pair.

Dive into the mesmerizing journey of “Everything,” where electronic vibes and ethereal melodies intertwine to sweep you off your feet and into a realm of pure chill. Picture Mild Minds’ intricate soundscapes teaming up effortlessly with edapollo’s soothing guitar tones, crafting an entrancing blend that explores the possbilities of electronic music. “Everything” is a blissful wave of sound that’ll have you hooked and yearning for more.

Mild Minds has quickly paved his path as an influential artist at the forefront of electronic music production worldwide.
Project founder Benjamin David introduced Mild Minds with “SWIM” in 2018 and was immediately signed by international tastemaker labels such as ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective, Ninja Tune’s Counter Records in Europe, and Inertia in Australia. Soon, the LA based Australian was asked to remix ODESZA and Tycho, in addition to touring with everyone from Tycho to Big Wild. As “SWIM” eclipsed over 5 million Spotify streams, its remix from ford. notably garnered a 2020 GRAMMY® Award nomination in the category of “Best Remixed Recording”. On its heels, his full-length debut MOOD, earned widespread acclaim including a short list nomination for the Australian Music Prize, while remixes continued to pour in from such tastemaking producers as Jacques Greene, Laurence Guy, DJ Boring, and Throwing Snow. Mild Minds assembles electronic music intentionally agnostic of genre. He manages to do so through a genre bending combination of UK garage, house, ambient music and the organic samples in which he created his debut album MOOD.


Hailing from the UK but now based in Melbourne, edapollo is the musical persona of producer Ed Bidgood. With an independent and self-driven approach, he introduced two albums, namely “Endless Cascades” in 2019 and “Blue Spring” in 2021. Both of these releases garnered tensive critical praise from various blogs, influencers, and radio platforms, notable, esteemed outlets such as BBC RADIO, Sirius XM, Worldwide FM, and Triple J consistently featured his work, amplifying his reach. As a result, his music has amassed over 50 million streams across different digital streaming platforms. In 2022, edapollo embarked on a new venture, unveiling his live performance with resounding success. The inaugural shows in Melbourne and London were met with sold-out crowds. Following this, he took his talents across the Atlantic, captivating audiences in the United States. His January 2023 tour, in support of Mild Mind, showcased a series of sold-out performances. This year stands as a significant turning point in his musical odyssey, highlighted by the unveiling of his most recent album, “Technicolour Places,” which made its debut in July. Looking ahead to September, edapollo is set to deliver a live rendition of “Technicolour Places” in Melbourne.

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[Photo: edapollo]
Credit: Liam Pethick