Mija releases new single “A Woman Comes Into The Room”

DJ/Producer and supreme tastemaker Mija is back with her latest single, ‘A Woman Comes Into The Room’

The single is inspired by and in celebration of women. The dark, quirky, femme and club-ready tune is notable for including a vocal sample from a poem that touched Mija for many years, and after an extensive search through the internet and old records, she was able to clear the sample and bring the track to life and into clubs worldwide. 


“‘A Woman Comes Into The Room’ is a poem by 77 year old female author Alice Notely that I love. I sampled it in this new club track and have been playing it out live. I was going for a classic house sound but also wanted it to be grittier and fun to play in smaller, dark spaces. I reached out to Alice by email, and she was kind enough to let me use her voice recording”, Mija says.


‘A Woman Comes Into The Room’ is the latest single off Mija’s forthcoming “NO RULES” EP, which is being shared with fans in piecemeal – with one song dropping per month leading up to her fall No Rules tour. 

Mija’s identity as an artist is rooted in the fantastical and the DIY independent.
She is capable of striking the balance between futuristic textures and immediate emotional states, grounding even her most experimental sounds in vivid reality.

She has her eyes on the horizon and her heart in the present. Her first EP, “How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers”, cemented her talent as Mija took full control of her narrative. Follow-album ‘Desert Trash,’ also released on her own label imprint, further explored underground genres of indie rock, Drum n’ Bass, House, and Glitch. As 2023 unfolds with singles and EPs, Mija’s focus has grown into individualistic-minded art built around expression and exploring her own personal identity. 

“A Woman Comes Into The Room” is out September 1 on never b alone.mp3
Presave here

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