Apashe raises the stakes on heart-stopping new single ‘Devil May Cry’ with Sofiane Pamart

Innovative producer Apashe unveils his latest genre-bending gem with new single ‘Devil May Cry’, a collaboration with French based classical pianist Sofiane Pamart, out now.

‘Devil May Cry’ is a stunning slice of sonic melodrama from Apashe, whose surging, symphonic production has become his inimitable calling card. Sofiane Pamart’s delicate piano is backed by swelling strings and sharp, caustic trap-infused beats, creating an aura of beauty and danger in equal measure.

Following the recent Magugu collaboration ‘Revenge of the Orchestra’, ‘Devil May Cry’ offers another taste of Apashe’s upcoming album Antagonist, which is set to feature crossover influences of classical music with recordings of the Prague Philharmonic and Bulgarian Symphony Orchestras, and collaborations with a number of high-profile artists. The single also follows the release of ‘Fracture’, the acclaimed collaboration with Joey Valance & Brae and Flux Pavilion, and ‘Gasoline’ featuring Delhi hiphop star RAGA, and precedes the producer’s upcoming headlining tour with a Brass Orchestra.

Apashe, the Belgian-born artist now based in Canada, is known for his genre-bending approach to electronic music. He combines the purity of his symphonic orchestral compositions with the rawness of electronic music and hints of hip-hop and bass, creating a unique majestic sound that has gained over a billion streams. In addition to his music, his high-energy live performances feature live instrumentation and stunning visual effects, he has performed at Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, Coachella and every major festival in between.

With each project Apashe continues to push sonic boundaries. His music has been featured in high profile films, trailers, fashion, TV shows, and video games like John Wick, Yves Saint Laurent, Apple, Amazon’s The Boys, HBO, Netflix, Marvel, Fast & Furious and more. He has also collaborated with a diverse range of artists including Tech N9ne, Lubalin, Wasiu, Geoffroy, Alina Pash, and more. With a growing fanbase and a reputation for innovation, Apashe is poised to become one of the most exciting and influential producers in electronic music.

Based in France, Sofiane Pamart is one of the top 10 most streamed Classical Music artists in the world in 2023. A regular on prestigious stages in France and abroad, Sofiane Pamart is the first pianist in history to perform at the Accor Arena Bercy, selling out the legendary venue to its maximum capacity.

His musical universe is halfway between great film music and adventure stories. His work, both dark and poetic, embodies an emotional accuracy that enables him to reach a very wide audience. Gold medallist at the Lille National Conservatory and one of the leading pianists on the French rap scene, Sofiane Pamart began his solo career in 2019, collaborating with artists such as SCH, Koba LaD, Maes, Niska, Joey Starr, Vald, Laylow, Tiakola, Zola, RimK, Josman, Da Uzi, as well as Rilès, Kimberose, Bon Entendeur, NTO, The Magician and Marina Kaye.

Named “New Face of Luxury” by the Salon du Luxe Paris, Sofiane is renowned for his precise, high-end image work. He regularly collaborates with prestigious houses and brands: Maison Cartier, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior Homme, Dior Beauty x Anya Taylor Joy, Louis Vuitton x Ana de Armas, Moncler, Chivas, Etudes Studio, Lacoste, Ubisoft, Polaroid, Mercedes-Benz. With his new album Noche coming on October 29th, Sofian Pamart is an artist in his creative prime.

The same can be said for Apashe, with new album Antagonist on the horizon and yet another stunning single in ‘Devil May Cry’ – a high-stakes, truly creative musical dialogue between two distinctive artists.

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(Photo credit: Karel Chladek)