Kölsch announces new album ‘I Talk To Water’ with uplifting new single ‘An Amazing’

Danish house and techno phenomenon Kölsch is back with a bang on rousing new single ‘An Amazing’, out on 15th September via Kompakt.

Setting the tone for Kölsch’s upcoming album I Talk To Water, to be released on 27th October, ‘An Amazing’ is an electrifying uptempo groove decorated with sublime synth melodies and a delicate vocal line repeating the simple yet powerful central hook: “you’re an amazing”. A rousing, emotional banger, this is a tantalising glimpse into Kölsch’s next LP.

Kölsch is set to grace the release of I Talk To Water with a global tour, spanning Europe, South America and the United States, as well as festivals including Tomorrowland Brazil, Art of the Wild and Amsterdam ADE.

Kölsch’s fifth album for Kompakt, I Talk To Water, is an intimate, deep-dive narrative that interweaves themes of family and history, whilst acknowledging the process of turning grief into comfort. The core of the album is inspired by Kölsch’s father Patrick Reilly, who passed away in 2003. Tracks Grape, Tell Me and It Ends Where It Began, alluse recordings from Kölsch’s father, who was a touring musician during the sixties and seventies. Pieced together during the pandemic and its numerous lockdowns, the tranquility of this moment inspired Kölsch to reflect on his father’s passing, and how he could memorialise such a significant figure in his life. Delving into a wave of sentimental emotions, I Talk To Water began to bloom. The recordings used in the project provided a gateway for Kölsch, to unite both the past and present in a meaningful way, allowing him to create his most personal body of work yet.

Kölsch, real name Rune Reilly Kølsch, is a Copenhagen, Denmark-based house and techno producer who has sold millions of records all over the world. He began in the 2010s producing numerous volumes of Kompakt’s Speicher series, as well as the critically acclaimed album trilogy 1977, 1983 and 1989, which continued his tradition of ground breaking and genre defining cuts. Mega hit Grey taken from 1989, has accumulated a colossal 49 million streams on Spotify. Later in the decade, he founded his own Ipso label and released collaborations with Michael Mayer, Tiga, and Sasha, in addition to releasing a continuous mix of original material on Fabric in 2019. The lushly orchestrated Now Here No Where (2020) marked his return to Kompakt.

With the full length album I Talk To Water on the way this October 27th, ‘An Amazing’ whets the appetite for fans of Kölsch’s melodic, emotionally charged techno.

Kölsch’s upcoming album “I Talk To Water” is available to Preorder here

Tour dates

2nd September – Lief Festival (Utrecht, Netherlands)
5th September – Pacha w/@CamelPhat (Ibiza, Spain)
9th September – La Clairiere (Paris, France)
10th September -Arènes de Lunel (Lunel, France)
16th September – ANTS Ushuaia (Ibiza, Spain)
23rd September – ROXY (Prague)
24th September – Amnesia (Ibiza, Spain)
30th September – Nordstern Basel (Switzerland)
3rd October – Hafen 49 (Germany)
5th October – Hï Ibiza – Afterlife Closing Party (Ibiza, Spain)
7th October – Art of the Wild (Las Vegas)
12th October – Tomorrowland Brazil 2023
14th October – Creamfields (Santiago)
15th October – Primavera Flock (Argentina)
20th October – Strafwerk ADE (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
22nd October – Awakenings ADE (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
27th October – Brooklyn Mirage (New York)
28th October – M2 (Miami)
24th November – The Church (Denver)
25th November – Avalon (LA)
2nd December – Fairground Fstvl (Hannover)
16th December – Extrema Noir (Belgium)

Photo credit: Jos Kottmann

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