Premiere: Azaria & Andrea Lacoste – A New Jam [La Belle Records]

“A New Jam” is taken from “Hexagrama” EP, out now on La Belle Records

Azaria & Andrea Lacoste join forces for “Hexagrama”. This collaboration see’s one of the most intriguing producers from the low BPM electronic scene (who we previously welcomed a year ago for our VA “One Night Stands 3”) work alongside one of the most eclectic singer/producers around.

Azaria & Andrea Lacoste continue on a journey of musical experimentation. The sound of this new record might surprise fans who are familiar with Azarias earlier release “Bugs”. This collaboration with the Venezuelan multi-instrumentalist artist exemplifies the organic synergy both artists display.

The EP delves into the ritualistic elements found in African and Oriental sonorities, as well as music with psychedelic influences. It features a blend of Latin beats, Amazonian rhythms, drums, and other ethnic resonances, all of which create a tribal and immersive atmosphere that invites the listener into their world. Layered over these percussions are melodious tunes, ethereal voices, and continuous chants that augment the hypnotic musical backdrops, reminiscent of mantras. The result is a sound framework that ebbs and flows with dreamy, serene, and experimental touch. It’s a fusion of the electronic and the organic, distinguished by a unique touch that sets it apart in an era flooded with music.

This record’s aim of folk-ancestral revival is consistently evident. The EP opens with “Soleil,” characterized by its laid-back rhythm and sensuous vocal work. Followed by “Jayeechi Wayúu,” which combines a straightforward House beat with intricate percussion and layered influences. “A New Jam” immerses us further, with melodic drum work, with spoken word serving as a counterpoint to the bustling rhythm in the background. “Bright Mood” propels us deeper into the tribal concepts whilst the title track “Hexagrama” pulls you in with its darker layers over a 4-to-the-floor beat.

Azaria & Andrea Lacoste – Hexagrama
Track Listing:

1. Soleil
2. Jayeechi Wayúu
3. A New Jam
4. Bright Mood
5. Hexagrama


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