Lone returns to Greco-Roman with his first music since 2022

An ecstatic hardcore song that ascends into a utopian dream…

The Nottingham-raised and highly-praised musician/DJ/producer Matt Cutler returns to Greco-Roman with his first new music since 2022’s ‘Natural Aerials EP’. New single ‘Waterfall Reverse’ combines everything we love about Lone’s music into seven minutes and twelve seconds of perfection. In Cutler’s own words he wanted to make something ‘That plays with familiar dance music tropes; rapid breakbeats, cut up vocals, a big 303 workout but then flips into something much trippier and more ambient.’

This is peak Lone; mind bendingly, breathtaking machine funk that ascends into a post new age, ambient bliss-out featuring the first recorded vocals from Cutler himself.

1. Waterfall Reverse

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