X CLUB. arrives on FJAAK‘s CROWD label with new EP “Sitting Ducks”

Get ready to immerse yourself in a sonic journey that fuses the past and future of techno, as Sitting Ducks invites you to join the movement and feel the magnetic beats.

Prepare for an electrifying release from the Australian duo, now London based, X CLUB. Sitting Ducks brings you a blend of percussive rhythms, groovy basslines, and banging techno that’ll have you moving on the dancefloor.

X CLUB.’s expertise is front and centre, crafting tracks that pay homage to techno’s origins while exploring new frontiers. This immersive EP captures the timeless appeal of techno.

Join the CROWD and experience a mix of techno’s roots and innovative elements of CROWD003 firsthand. Exciting times ahead for techno enthusiasts!

X CLUB. – Sitting Ducks
date 3rd November
format vinyl, digital

A1 Hold On (Chop’D n Screw’D Mix)
B1 Sitting Ducks
B2 No One

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