Premiere: Awe & Rue – Manic [Awe & Rue productions]

Manic is taken from Awe & Rue’s “Hott stuff” EP, out 1st December on Awe & Rue Productions

Awe & Rue prepare a new record, “Hott stuff” dropping on Awe & Rue Productions this December 1, 2023. A collection of tracks merging the relentless energy of the harder side of Techno with the pulsating rhythms of Hard Trance and the raw edge of Acid and Hardcore.

“Hott stuff” opens with “Amnesia” a track that blurs memories with its pounding beat, followed by “Dutch puff” whos ever shifting soundscape encapsulates the essence of the underground. The record continues with “2one0h” a number that plays with intensity and release, and “Euphoria” dance-floor potential personified. Rounding out the record we then have “Kick” then delivers a percussive assault, while “Shadow” ramps up the energy, but with a more enigmatic vibe. The EP crescendos with “Manic” a track that embodies the frenetic energy its name suggests.

“Hott stuff” is an EP that makes a statement, a twisted journey through the depths of the harder underground. Strap in and let Awe & Rue take you on a ride through the peaks and troughs of their soundscape where every track has a part to play in their unyielding vision of Techno.

Awe & Rue – Hott stuff
Track Listing:

Track 1: Amnesia
Track 2: Dutch puff
Track 3: 2one0h
Track 4: Euphoria
Track 5: Kick
Track 6: Shadow
Track 7: Manic

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