Dhruv releases new single “Tragedy”

Today, singer-songwriter and producer Dhruv releases “Tragedy,” the lead single from his debut album expected later this year. Co-written by Dhruv and produced by JT Daly, the piano-led track chronicles the somber feeling of being on the losing end of a breakup after a failed attempt of reconciling with an ex.

Writing ‘Tragedy’ was the first time I made something that I feel has my stamp on it,Dhruv says. “It was the first song we finished for my album, and it became a natural entry point into the world of my upcoming record. ‘Tragedy’ feels like it could be a blueprint for things that I’m going to make in the future. If you read the lyrics, it could seem like a drag. But we spent a lot of time trying to make a song that feels more like a wink, more ironic than depressing or sad. I’m really proud of how I was able to turn an experience that was flat-out miserable into something that’s kind of funny.

Conceptualized by Dhruv and filmed throughout London, the “Tragedy” music video plays on the track’s themes of misery, whilst finding the humor in the situation. In the video, directed by AboveGround, Dhruv acts out his own version of a tragedy, as he searches for answers, but instead finds bad luck at every turn.

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