ION festival returns to Albania for 2024

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ION festival 2024 launches with first set of artists

First set of artists announced include Ben Klock, Pangaea, Leon Vynehall, Helena Hauff, DJ Nobu, Raresh, Sherelle, DJ Holographic, Enzo Siragusa, rRoxymore plus more

After two spectacularly successful previous editions, ION Festival is returning to the picturesque coastal town of Dhërmi on the Albanian Riviera this September. For seven days, from September 4th to 11th, the festival will showcase a vibrant selection of cutting-edge music, bringing together a diverse lineup of world-renowned DJs and emerging talents. This year, ION Festival is thrilled to announce the inclusion of 40 exceptional artists who are set to elevate the experience with their unique sounds and musical mastery, with more to be announced soon. The lineup features a dynamic range of artists, including Batu, Marie Montexier, Sherelle, Ben Klock, Binh, and Chaos in the CBD.

The festival continues to hone its eclectic musical identity, bringing together artists from the minimal/tech-house/electro and techno scenes alongside UK-based sounds rooted in house, garage and bass. There will also be a number of artists playing alternative sets, giving punters the opportunity to see their favourite DJs reach deep into their collections on multiple occasions.

© Photography by Jake Davis | Khroma Collective (

Many artists return to the festival after previous appearances, including Christian AB, DJ Masda, Helena Hauff, Francesco Del Garda, Yung Singh, Pangaea, Sonja Moonear, Pearson Sound, B.Love and more. Their knowledge of the location and audience will no doubt create many more magical moments.

Joining the bill for the first time, we welcome Delasflores, DJ Fuckoff, DJ Gigola, DJ Holographic, DJ Nobu, Doudou MD, Enzo Siragusa, Fadi Mohem, Fumiya Tanaka, Gabbs and Kettama. A cast of DJs at the top of their game, you can expect the best in cutting-edge house, techno, electro and minimal.

Completing the first announcement are Leon Vynehall, LSDXOXO, Marie Montexier, Melody, Giammarco Orsini, Junki Inoue, rRoxymore, Salute, Sherelle, alongside Quelza, Quest, ERIS, Sim0ne and Olita. Their presence guarantees a blend of groundbreaking sets that will resonate with the festival’s diverse audience.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Albanian Riviera, ION is not just a music festival but a holistic holiday experience. It offers a blend of mindfulness, cultural discovery, and community, making it a collective experience worth sharing. Attendees can immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of Dhërmi, enjoy fresh local cuisine, engage in wellness activities, and explore the breathtaking natural surroundings.

Over the coming months ION will be announcing many more artists alongside the line up for their Pool Parties, their day parties in Gjipe (a remote beach, only accessible by boat) and a full Wellness programme, offering everything from guided meditation to ice baths.

Tickets are available now, with a deposit option for those looking to secure their place at this not-to-be-missed event.

ION festival Albania 2024

Dhermi, Albania

Announced Artists:
B. Love, Batu, Ben Klock, Binh, Chaos in the CBD, Christian AB, Delasflores, DJ Fuckoff, DJ Gigola, DJ Holographic, DJ Masda, DJ Nobu, Doudou MD, Helena Hauff, Enzo Siragusa, ERIS, Fadi Mohem, Felon5, Francesco Del Garda, Fumiya Tanaka, Gabbs, Giammarco Orsini, Junki Inoue, Kettama, Leon Vynehall, LSDXOXO, Marie Montexier, Melody, Olita, Pangaea, Pearson Sound, Quelza, Quest, Raresh, rRoxymore, Salute, Sherelle, Sim0ne, Sonja Moonear, Yung Singh