Cod3 QR 016 compilation album feat. tracks by Bel Air Ltd (a.k.a. Mirko Loko), Tal Fussman, Jules Wells, Alec Troniq, Fanu, Voltaire, Carlos Nilmmns and more

The 16th instalment of Cod3 QR‘s compilation album series Cod3 QR 016 is focused, as always, on eclecticism, open-mindedness, divergence and non-conformity, featuring a wide range of electronic music, which has all been handpicked by Laurent Garnier.

Bel Air Ltd is one of the aliases of the versatile Swiss artist, Mirko Loko, known for his musical influences inspired by Detroit and Chicago. After a debut appearance with “The Loft” on Planet E, Bel-Air Ltd returns with “City Lights” to open the release.

Tal Fussman creates music that transcends genres. His openness to a wide range of sounds is what has made him a widely loved favourite. Tal grew up in a small town next to Tel Aviv, today he resides in Berlin where he runs his own Survival Tactics imprint. Here he brings deep Techno on “10247”.

Jules Wells is from Bordeaux, France. Strongly influenced by the Motor City, Jules has released on the likes of Submerge, Twilight 76, KMS, Planet E, Brique Rouge and Logos (Macedonia). “The Clap” brings raw energy with its tough beats and cut-up vocal rap.

Alec Troniq is an artist on a mission. His edgy, almost punky style oscillates between ravin’ Electronics, nerdy Techno and driving House – always peppered with colourful and dynamic influences as realised on “Neophile” and “Neophobe”. His focus is on creation and live performance through an unorthodox handling of customized equipment.

Fanu is an audio engineering expert and electronic music production veteran from Finland, with over 30 years of electronic music production under his belt. He has released D&B on labels like Ninja Tune and Metalheadz, as well as his own Lightless Recordings. Here with “Piscean” he delivers atmospheric Breakbeat.

Crazy about the studio, Voltaire has always been demanding in the art of handling frequencies and machines. His productions where rhythms, pads and melodies intermingle, form the contours of his universe: a vibrating techno star at the tempo of bewitching kicks, which he brings to “Regular Disturbances”.

Originally from Glasgow, but now living in Angers (France), Carlos Nilmmns has become synonymous with an eclectic but deep and sensual sound influenced by the traditions of Chicago and Detroit. He’s released on labels including Circus Company, Cocoon, Ornaments, KMS, Planet E and Dopewax. On “Old Paris” he adds a Latino touch.

Inner Ray is Barcelona-based producer, DJ and artist Victor Fernandez, who aims to translate emotion through creativity and machines into electronic music, without any expectations. Inner Ray’s path starts with the experimental electronica of “Wahat”.

DJ and producer, Alex Mendes developed his passion for electronic music early on, playing at Nordstern (Basel) and Terrazzza (Zurich). In 2023 he demonstrated musical maturity, releasing on Wefine Records and creating his own label, Yucatec. Eclecticism takes precedence with his music driven by synthesizers and drums that’s vibrantly evident on “Space Like Me”.

DJ and producer HI ROSIE, spotted by Laurent Garnier and endorsed by major artists on the world scene such as Tzusing and Sinjin Hawke, produces music rooted in furious, contemporary Bass. On his contribution, “Is There an Operating Pilot on the Plane”, the boundaries of the genre are shaken to the core.

COD3 QR wants to remain free of all expectations and all prejudices because only one thing counts: the music, The Music, THE MUSIC in every shape and form. Music diversity is our strength!

V/A – Cod3 QR 016
Track Listing:

A1: Bel Air Ltd – City Lights
A2: Tal Fussman – 10247
A3: Jules Wells – The Clap
A4: Alec Troniq – Neophile
B1: Fanu – Piscean
B2: Voltaire – Regular Disturbances
B3: Carlos Nilmmns – Old Paris
B4: Inner Ray – Wahat
Digital Bonus Track: Alex Mendes – Space Like Me
Digital Bonus Track: HI ROSIE – Is There an Operating Pilot on the Plane
Digital Bonus Track: Alec Troniq – Neophobe

“Cod3 QR 016” is released 23 February on COD3 QR.

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