Premiere: Kmyle – Butterflies Valley

“Butterflies Valley” is taken from Kmyle’s “Metamorphose” EP out 22 March on Kmyle Records.

Renowned electronic music artist Kmyle is set to mesmerize audiences with his groundbreaking project, Metamorphose, a musical odyssey that intricately weaves the transformative journey of a butterfly through three distinct chapters. Drawing inspiration from the physical metamorphosis of the butterfly, Kmyle invites listeners to delve into an introspective exploration of evolving soundscapes that poetically capture the essence of this profound transformation.

Metamorphose unfolds in a three-part symphony, each chapter representing a crucial stage in the butterfly’s life cycle. The first chapter, ECLOSION, featuring five tracks, is slated for release on March 22nd, promising a captivating initiation into Kmyle’s sonic universe. Following this, the second chapter, CHRYSALIS, with four tracks, will be unveiled on April 26th, further deepening the immersive experience. The journey culminates with the third and final chapter, OCELLUS, boasting five tracks and scheduled for release on May 24th. Kmyle’s Metamorphose is poised to be a landmark in the electronic music landscape, offering a unique blend of artistry and storytelling that transcends traditional boundaries. Listeners can anticipate a profound and emotive journey through the transformative power of sound, a testament to Kmyle’s innovative approach to electronic music.

KML006A – ECLOSION ( OUT ON: MARCH 22nd, 2024 )
03.Butterflies Valley

KML006B – CHRYSALIS ( OUT ON: APRIL 26th, 2024 )
01.Locked Nymphs
03.Chrysalis methods

KML006C – OCELLUS ( OUT ON: MAY 24th, 2024 )
03.Spiral Vision
05.Eyes Focus

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