Exclusive Premiere: WDDS – Mushy Impossible (Ft. Richie Taylor Holmes) from new album “Migration” out May 16th

Proudly sharing with you today WDDS ‘s “Mushy Impossible”, a collaboration with pianist Richie Taylor Holmes and announcing the new album, ‘Migration’

WDDS makes a big statement with an impressive & diverse selection of tracks, that marks his own musical journey thus far!

WDDS returns to his own imprint Hectare Discs and is set to captivate once again with the release of Migration. This follows a string of mighty EPs on the label, as well as releases with Woozy & Accidental Meetings.

Migration is a sonic embodiment of WDDS’ personal journey from the coastal tranquility of Brighton to the vibrant urban energy of Manchester, featuring collaborations with friends and fellow artists he encountered along the way. It marks a new chapter in his musical trajectory and reflects his artistic evolution and diverse influences, embodying the vast range of his sound palette.

The opening track, ‘Migration’, immediately draws listeners into its embrace, channelling the spirit of the post-dubstep era that originally inspired WDDS. The intricate fusion of granular piano melodies, “Burialesque” drum patterns, and a pulsating bassline creates an immersive soundscape, complemented by fluctuating vocals that seamlessly intertwine with the rhythm.

‘Seaside Riddim’, the second track, serves as a heartfelt tribute to WDDS’ roots in Brighton. With the sounds of seagulls and ocean waves, the song captures the essence of the seaside atmosphere that once accompanied his commutes. The transition into a glitchy, sub-heavy drill beat maintains an expansive and ambient ambiance, evoking a sense of nostalgia for the coastal city.

‘Moving Freely’ pays homage to the golden era of dubstep while seamlessly weaving in elements of drone and techno. This track exemplifies WDDS’ ability to honour the past while pushing musical boundaries, resulting in an auditory experience transcending genres.

‘Latency’, an ambient composition, transports listeners into ethereal realms with its floaty lead sounds and captivating dub stabs. This introspective piece invites contemplation and introspection, showcasing WDDS’ sonic palette.

‘TOR’ takes the listener on a sonic journey through the realm of jungle music. The track evolves into a full-throttle amen break with a Rees bassline that drives the energy forward, providing an exhilarating sonic ride.

‘Mushy Impossible’, a collaboration with pianist Richie Taylor Holmes, brings a dynamic blend of jungle breaks and airy piano melodies, creating a beautifully balanced contrast between intensity and serenity. The serious undertone of the track resonates deeply, inviting listeners to explore the emotional depths of the music.

Closing out the collection is ‘Revive’, a testament to WDDS’ affinity for liquid drum and bass. With its summery pads, glitchy arpeggios, and polyrhythmic drum patterns, ‘Revive’ exudes a vibrant energy that uplifts and inspires.

WDDS – Migration
Release Date: May 16th, 2024

1. WDDS – Migration
2. WDDS – Seaside Riddim
3. WDDS – Moving Freely
4. WDDS – Latency
6. WDDS – Mushy Impossible (Ft. Richie Taylor Holmes)
7. WDDS – Revive


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