Deep ConnectFM 73: Tracks of the Week

The latest episode of “Tracks of the Week Deep ConnectFM 73” edition is now available on SoundCloud, Mixcloud, and Spotify

This episode features the best new Tracks and Remixes from:

L. B. Dub Corp, Anja Schneider, John Tejada, Plaid, Shades Of Play, Michael Reinboth, Ali Berger, Akumen, Philippa, Alighted, Artizhan, J. Rawls, Stereo MCs, Hermetics & Nibelungen, and many more

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Curated by Doogie

1. Ali Berger – 0221 (Serious Mix)
2. Philippa – Port Chalmers
3. Interesnye Oschuscheniya – Ya Pyana
4. Mc4len – To Be Alone (Deephope Remix)
5. GR1MES – Ask And Receive
6. Alighted – 7 To Colchester
7. Blaktony – Butt Naked
8. Altered View – We Come We See We Fall (Deadstock 33s remix)
9. Shades Of Play – True Story (Original Mix)
10. Akumen – My Natural State
11. Lea Lisa – D Poem For The Lost Souls (Session Victim Remix)

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12. Michael Reinboth – Let The Spirit
13. Lumieux – Nebula
14. J. Rawls – Alone (Original Mix)
15. Jack District – Better Like This
16. John Tejada, Plaid – Freeways
17. Anja Schneider – Sanctuary feat. Stereo MCs (2024 Rework)
18. T Sounds – Blue Winston (Original Mix)
19. Direkt – Machines
20. Shvrlee – Phocean City
21. Becker (UK) – Cave Rave (Original Mix)
22. L. B. Dub Corp – Your Love
23. Sonic Juncture – Can’t I just Be? (Acid Groove Mix)
24. Artizhan – Just Ready
25. HDER – MA26V
26. Courtion – Till (Original Mix)

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27. Tryangle Man – Day 6 Whispers Of A Dialogue
28. Hermetics & Nibelungen – El Cordàn Dorado

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