Deep ConnectFM 76: Tracks of the Week

The latest episode of “Tracks of the Week Deep ConnectFM 76” edition is now available on SoundCloud, Mixcloud, and Spotify

This episode features the best new Tracks and Remixes from:

DJ Deep, Lindstrom, Hipp-E, Brickman, Radio Slave, Cagedbaby, Beroshima, Eddie Merced, Alex Mendes, Edward, Jesse Bru, Always Friends, Agustin Mesa, ZG, Møzes, and more

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Curated by Doogie

1. Brickman – Correlation
2. Mc4len – Tunage (Original Mix)
3. ZG – Call To Mind
4. Kenoa – Change
5. Yuu Udagawa – Spectral (Dub)

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6. Verlin R. Dickerson – Make It Go (Original Mix)
7. YokoO – On The First Day
8. DJ Deep – Transition
9. atish, Polo (AR) – Ultramar (YokoO Remix)
10. Edward – Primal Dream
11. Cabin Luv Affair – Magic Ride (5:24)
12. Radio Slave Ft. Cagedbaby – Amnesia (Lindstrom Vocal Mix)
13. Always Friends – Significant Other (Soledrifter Remix)
14. Agustin Mesa – Flux (Original Mix)
15. Chandler Sinclair & NV – WANT U (LUCATI Dub Mix)
16. Møzes – Don’t Stop
17. ROSA (US) – Oh’ Like That (Hipp-E Trippy Dub Remix)
18. Eddie Merced – Undress You
19. Alex Mendes – Keep Doing

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20. Beroshima – Tokyo no Hideki
21. Facta – Innsbruck
22. JANEIN – I Wanna Stay Here Forever
23. Jesse Bru – In The Sky (Night Moves)
24. fka boursin – decoupled

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Cover: Shubham Dhage