Electronic ConnectFM 47: Tracks of the Month

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This episode features the best new Tracks and Remixes from:

United Freedom Collective, Brecon X Aparde, Jesse Bru, Mirage Of Deep, Ebi Soda, Billy Blond, ZG, The Cromagnon Band, Girl Ultra, Jasper Tygner, DJ 3000, Ben Böhmer, Bootleg Contraband, Dante, and more

Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Curated by Doogie

1. Jesse Bru – Cascadia Sun
2. Mirage Of Deep – Feelings Of Freedom
3. ZG – Good Feeling
4. JASMON – Love Field
5. Dante – Off My Mind
6. Ebi Soda – Kim K feat. BODUR

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7. Atelier – Talk To Her
8. United Freedom Collective, Billy Blond – In Another (feat. Institute Collective)
9. The Cromagnon Band – Bad Night [BBE Music]
10. Clyde Beats – Snapped (feat. Jakka Blades & Manny Marko)
11. Indus – Cancio n del Muerto feat Pacho Torres y N. Hardem
12. Cabin Luv Affair – Sometimes I Read Your Horoscope (Skit)
13. Ebbb – Seamlessly
14. Ishmael Ensemble – Dust
15. Girl Ultra – blush
16. Louf – Headwind
17. Jordan Gardner, Martyn Bootyspoon – Doubletap (Edit)
18. Jasper Tygner – When Ur Near (Edit)
19. MT’nova – You Shine (Original Mix)
20. Ben Böhmer – Best Life (feat. JONAH)
21. DJ 3000 – Part Time Prophet

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22. Bootleg Contraband – You Are Not You
23. Seph – Séptimo Sentido
24. Brecon X Aparde – Ecstatic
25. Maude Vôs – 5th Generation Angel
26. RIKAAR – Saturn Stairs
27. PC Nackt – Kristall

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Photo/Cover: Vishnu Mohanan