Seeking the overwhelming vibration of the genuine sound wave and its profound echo on the soul, Kenneth James Gibson has spent his career experimenting under a variety of aliases like as many brushstrokes to an ever polymorphic palette – successively releasing as [a]pendics.shuffle, Bell Gardens, Reverse Commuter, dubLoner, Kenneth JamesRead More →

Russian-born violinist and longtime Emancipator member, LAPA [Ilya Goldberg] is once again stepping directly into the spotlight with Spirit Vessel, out February 16th on Emancipator’s Loci Records. Following up on his well-received debut Meeting of the Waters, Spirit Vessel kicks off on January 19th with lead single, “Stoika,” featuring WestRead More →

‘Moments In Time’ compiled by Moonboots is the follow up album to the highly revered ‘Tropical Drums Of Deutschland’ release, by Jan Schulte, in the new Special Collectors’ Series on Music For Dreams. ‘Moments In Time’, which is to be released on Vinyl LP on 15th December 2017, and CD,Read More →