Premiere: Chihei Hatakeyama – Small Park On The Slope(Subcontinental)

Small Park On The Slope taken from new album Illusion Harbor out January 30 on Subcontinental
Japanese Electronic Ambient Artist Chihei Hatakeyama returns with a new promising experimental effort on Subcontinental Records.

Chiehi Hatakeyama is anambient/electronic artist, music producer and composer playing feel based exploratory improvised music. Hatakeyama’s music is characteristically very slow, composed by repeatedly processing guitars, pianos, and vibraphones on a laptop.

You will instantly notice that, the tracks on this album are more experimental, deep and free flowing, sounds ranging from slow pulses to scintillating prolonged drones which capture the many moods and atmospheres of that harbor and the observer himself.

Hatakeyama’s new album “Illusion Harbor” is a collection of songs which reflect his childhood, the places that he would often visit by the shores, the streets that he would often tread as a child, as an adolescent. A treasure deeply stitched inside.

Track Listing:
01 Beyond the Haze
02 Sea of Clouds
03 The coast
04 Small park on the slope
05 Driftwood
06 Illusion harbor
07 Cluster Amaryllis Valley BONUS TRACK [only available on CD]

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