Premiere : Edge Of Motion – Broken

Today #dubikspremiere is Edge Of Motion with Broken From the fourth release since their comeback last year . Dark style overdrive beats like Edge Of Motion only does.
Broken is on #dubiksmusiccharts TOP 50 Techno November Chart at Nr.38

Remember when techno was all about creating the soundtrack for the future? Remember when there were no borders between styles or scenes? Remember when your favourite records were just white label vinyl, stamped with cryptic names? This was exactly around the time Edge of Motion first made their mark on electronic music. Even now, decades after they first burst on the scene, seminal tracks like Set Up 707 and albums like Planet Gong Realities and Ad Hoc are still frequently played by techno’s most revered selectors.

With the techno scene broadening its scope again in recent years – also embracing more experimental forms of electronic music like ambient and electronica – it was time for an Edge of Motion comeback, Dylan Hermelijn and Gertjan Schonewille agreed. Firmly rooted in the radical 90’s, but with twenty more years of production skills under their belt and a keen ear for contemporary Techno and ambient, they’re once again paving the way for innovative electronic music.

Release Date. November 20th, 2017
EP Tracklist
01. Wake Up Call
02. Exo
03. Broken
04. False Prophets
05. Entity

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