Premiere : Bonnie & Klein – Vrohero Oneiro Feat Marie Makropoulou

Today #dubikspremiere is Bonnie & Klein with Vrohero Oneiro Feat Marie Makropoulou,we dont understand a word,but we like it,you will to.
Music For Dreams is releasing the debut album by Bonnie & Klein entitled ‘Ithaca’ on Friday 8th December 2017.
More on album +preview HERE

Lyrics:English Exclusive for Dubiks from Marie Makropoulou
Nothing, nothing…
emptiness is haunting my mind
cloudiness is cumbering my sight
flares, weird shadows are hovering on the walls.
And you are somewhere out-there, waiting
waiting, and your face is bathed
by the raindrops and the street lights.
The horizon got dark, the windows got blurred.
Time stopped and the clock hands turned into dust and scattered.
The leafs from the trees are falling
like black snowflakes and they are drifted by the wind.
The sky lights up for a moment, then silence falls again.
The storm comes and goes again and again…
I’m trying to reach you and travel together like two raindrops
that go with the stream and get lost in the ocean.
Like two leafs that fly with the wind,
fall on the ground and become one with it.
Can you hear me? Can you hear my silent scream?
Can you hear the music that comes from my heart?
Can you hear the songs of my dream?
Can you hear the way my soul is breathing?
A thunder rips the sky in two.
Two worlds come up from between.
What will happen if each one of us, fly from their world,
and then fall with the other into the void?
What lies beyond the chasm?
Waiting, I’m waiting for you.
As long as it takes for you and me.
We will meet at the end of the infinity
where everything becomes one.


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