Saytek “Shoom30 Tracks” on Superfreq

Saytek and Superfreq continue their excellent and on-going collaboration with another EP brimming with all new live tracks which were debuted at the 30th anniversary of Danny Rampling’s seminal UK acid house party Shoom this past December.

This is the latest in a series of EPs from Saytek, who Carl Cox calls ‘one of the UK’s freshest and most exciting acts’ and who has also released on Bedrock, Soma, liebe*detail, Detone, and KMS. His innovative and fully improvised live show is truly mesmeric and all its raw energy is brought to Saytek’s studio work, this release, like the two that preceded it feature recordings of superb live jams.

These four vital variations on a theme kick off with ‘Shoom30track 1’, which has driving drums and dark, ghoulish voices forming the bulk of the track. The centre piece is a wild, prickly acid line that whips about and brings controlled frenzy to the groove while distant pads add a sense of serenity. The excellent ‘Shoom30track 2’ is more sci-fi, with an old school bassline rumbling away beneath the edgy acid and suspense filled synths. Plenty of percussive drama adds more energy to ensure this one will detonate any floor.

‘Shoom30track 3’ then flips the script and offers superb acid house, with rolling drums and a more spacious groove embellished with molten acid rain. The kicks are bouncy and the whole track will carry you away into the night on a wave of subtle euphoria. Last but not least, ‘Shoom30track 4’ rounds things out in big fashion with main room stabs, filtered and twisted vocals and muscular drums that demand you dance.

These are four robust acid tracks that are essential additions to any record bag.

Release Date:15-06-2018

1. Shoom30track 1 (live)
2. Shoom30track 2 (live)
3. Shoom30track 3 (live)
4. Shoom30track 4 (live)